6 Tips to Master Web Design

When it comes to mastering website design, it is important to consider many aspects. Things such as search engine optimization (SEO) at the foundation and planning phases are of course important for long term success. You don’t want to have to go back and rebuild things later on just to help your website get ranked in the search engines. I sat down with Melody Wang, a professional website developer with WebVantage Marketing and asked her for her top 10 tips when it comes to developing websites. Below are the responses she provided.

1) Have great navigation.

A good developer always has the user in mind when developing a website. Having clear and concise navigation is imperative to the success of your website. If users are unable to easily navigate your website, they are going to click the back button and you have lost them forever. When users back out of a website, you are not only losing that person, but you are hurting your website SEO metrics by increasing your bounce rate. This is a strong signal to search engines that people are not happy with your website, and can negatively impact your search rankings in a big way.

2) Your Brand Is Your Business

Ensure that you have a good brand logo, or tagline. Your brand is your business and you want it to be memorable for your customers. Invest in hiring a good graphic designer to create a unique logo that will differentiate your company from that of your competition. Invest in a good marketing consultant to help put together a good tag line as well. This will not only help you with your website, but on other marketing materials as well such as business cards.

3) Consistency Is Key

When it comes to designing a website, it is important to be consistent throughout. You do not want to have different font sizes and color themes for each page. It is harder on the viewer if you are constantly changing things up from page to page and might cause them to leave and never come back. Keeping things consistent helps keep your users engaged with your website as they navigate your site.

4) Write for your audience, not for the robots

This is important, as you need to write your content for people and not for the machines. When it comes to SEO, you do want to ensure you are incorporating certain keywords into your content; however, the spiders and bots are not your primary audience. You need to make sure that you are writing your content for the humans who will be visiting your website. Keep your content fun and easy to read. Include relevant images and videos to break the content up a bit if you have a long article. This will help engage your customers better. If people come to your site and it is optimized for bots or spiders, and not humans, you can be sure you will lose business as well as website rank due to poor site metric scores.

5) Keep Your Design Simple

One of the things I learned when starting out in design is that it is fun to use the latest and greatest technology. When I got started at WebVantage Marketing, a Sacramento Website Design firm, I quickly learned that using the latest and greatest means of coding a website was not always the most optimal. Not everyone has broadband speeds, or computers that can render certain code efficiently. It is better to keep design simple which will help in page load times, even on a slower web server.

6) Split Test For Better Result

Once you developed your website, you need to continue to research and improve your website for your target traffic. Play around with changing image locations, the images on your site, colors, headlines, buy buttons, and opt-in locations. Running split tests to determine the optimal location for specific items is key. If you have the ability to use something which tracks visitor clicks and mouse movements on your site, that can be beneficial as well. We have specialized software at our company that helps our customers monitor eye tracking and mouse clicks on their websites. We can use that data to easily make changes to further optimize our client websites.

I wanted to thank Melody for taking the time to sit down with me and discuss some great tips to mastering web design. You can learn more about the web design services at WebVantage Marketing by visiting http://www.webvantagemarketing.com/web-design/.

The Importance Thinks Of Social Media Optimization

If you would like professional help in navigating the social media universe and pinpointing the most effective tools, contact Cynthia Cavoto at Marketing That Works for You for a free consultation.social media optimization

About the author: David Dischler is an SEO Consultant with nearly 10 years experience in helping small to medium sized business increase their exposure through search engine rankings and social media presence. Yet, no matter what a woman looks like, she is not going to match up with an image that has been severely edited. As a result of this, they can end up feeling as though they are not enough.

Most people that are in the spot light now use twitter, because it is short and to the point. Although some people tweet about one hundred or more times a day about random things just like Facebook I don’t use it like that. I do however, follow celebrities who are more on twitter then on Facebook because twitter is more private in a sense then Facebook is, although that is just my opinion.social media optimization

Using business social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is no longer just for the technology gurus of the business world. The easy-to-use platforms allow businesses to communicate to their customers and receive feedback. It also allows the business to get a better feel for their target group of clients or customers as well as ideas on how to expand. The drawback is that a lot of information comes in, so organization is going to be key. One of the biggest issues is finding time to respond to posts. A good idea is to set aside a specific amount of time to interact online. This can be multiple times throughout the day or a specific block of hours. Keep to your schedule so you can still accomplish all other necessary tasks.

I do wonder why my one-and-only hub on this account has a hubscore of 86, but my author score is 82. And the masterpiece in question is already as good as it’s ever going to get. I guess it’s time for me to work up the energy for that second hub. Onsite activity is no longer a significant factor in Hubber Score. We still immensely value community interaction and activity, but since Hubber Score determines whether links in Hubs are nofollow as well as the traffic thresholds and trial periods for staying Featured, it makes the most sense for it to reflect the quality of one’s Hubs.

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